Faultless Solutions is not only a hose distribution company, we are a hose solutions company.

Solutions is in our name for a reason – we are here to solve your hose and fittings concerns and answer your questions. With over a hundred years of combined experience, Steve Faultless and his team can assist you in resolving all of your hose and fittings issues.
While we specialize in Tank, Truck, Petrochemical, Environmental, Hydro-Vac, Asphalt and Food and Beverage industries, we are a full service hose supplier and will likely have everything you need.

Our assurance to you is this:

We will use our expertise to yield you, the customer, the greatest benefits and efficiencies, all while maximizing your savings and providing you with the most optimal cost-cutting strategies in the most competitive way possible.

Consulting to a variety of industries that need specialized and detailed knowledge on industrial hose, their applications and respective parts is an enhanced service we provide.

Similarly, cost-cutting strategies, hose efficiencies, technical and engineering applications, as well as safety solutions are all areas of expertise that Faultless Solutions can provide.

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What’s important to us?

“Faultless” Service

It’s a high bar to set but we are committed to providing you with it. To us, doing things faultlessly means we not only respect your time and money, we will continue to research and advise you of new products and innovations that provide real cost-cutting strategies and upgraded efficiencies to your company and we do it on-time, as requested and with timely responses. We feel up to the task and committed to the name in our company.

Same day delivery or service – we’ll make that happen too.


We know how important safety is and keeping your employees safe is an integral part of all our decision-making when recommending a product. While here at Faultless Solutions we are an actual family, we know that your team is family too and we work tirelessly to ensure your work family is kept safe. Whether it’s hose,  fittings or fall protection, safety cages, gangways or loading arms, we have a safety solution that will keep your employees safe whilst moving product efficiently.

Mitigating spills and contaminants

Spills are both costly and dangerous. At Faultless Solutions we work with our manufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their products providing you with the most superior product out there. Our manufacturers have extensively researched, tested and demonstrated the success and consistency of their products putting the safest product in your employees hand.

Providing “solutions”

We put it in our name because we are committed to providing solutions and resolving all of your hose and fittings issues. We specialize in custom hose and fitting solutions and if we can’t supply your part, or it doesn’t exist, we will work with the manufacturer to fabricate what you need. With over a hundred years of combined expertise within the hose distribution business, we feel confident we can get you what you need.

Safety solutions are also a large part of our business and whether it’s fall protection, gangways, loading arms, spill containment or platforms, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Valuing our customers bottom-line

We treat your money the way we want our money to be treated – with respect. We are committed to getting you the best price for exactly what you need. Our extensive catalogue of manufacturers guarantees we can get you the best product for the best price.

Our reputation

Our reputation begins and ends with you – the customer. We truly value your loyalty and in exchange we are dedicated to providing you with the most “faultless” customer service experience. We hope in time and with your support to be the most competitive hose distributor in Ontario and Eastern Canada.

CRN No. 0D2129.5

Main Design No.: Hose Assemblies FSTT, FSCHEM, FSSTEM, FSCOMP, & FSFOOD
Expiry Date: 11-Apr-2029

Faultless Solution is a proud member
of the Avetta Consortium.

Faultless Solution is
ISO:9001 2015 certified.

Why you should work with us

Faultless Solutions is a family owned and operated company. We take pride in the manufacturers we represent. We use our expertise to provide you, our customer with the greatest benefits and efficiencies while maximizing your savings.
Our Mission

Our commitment to servicing the customer with a “faultless” customer service experience. When you buy from Faultless Solutions, you’re not just buying a product, you are receiving a solution and an assurance that you are receiving the safest product for the application being used.

Our Vision

With your support we strive to be the most competitive hose distributor in Ontario and Eastern Canada. With every product sold, we impart our expertise to ensure we are matching you with the best product.

Our Philosophy

We provide solutions and service. Our combined families have over a hundred years experience servicing customers seeking solutions to their hose and fitting queries. Our “faultless” service policy provides the best possible service in the shortest amount of time. Guaranteed.

Our warehouses are stocked so you don’t wait.

For custom hose and fittings, once you’re on board with us, we’ll keep those in stock too. You’re in a rush or it’s an emergency, we’ll be there with everything you need to get you up and running again. If we haven’t already, we’ll win you over with not just our extensive catalogue of products, but our impeccable service.